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We offer a variety of boxing classes at our gym

Tired of the same old workout routine? You can learn a new skill and improve your fitness in a fun and exciting way with boxing classes at Sweatbox Gym. Our gym provides a range of options for people of all ages. From beginners looking to get started in the sport to athletes who want to improve their game, you can participate in a class that matches your skill level.

Learn more about our classes by calling us at 812-232-5595.

The types of classes we offer

The types of classes we offer

Maybe you're looking to grow as a boxer. Maybe you just want to get in shape in a fun way. You can choose from a selection of classes including:

  • Baby Brawlers | Ages 3-7 | Non-contact boxing that teaches kids boxing fundamentals
  • Sluggers | Ages 8-16 |Teaches kids the fundaments and the importance of self-discipline
  • Beginner boxing programs (by invitation only) | Ages 8 and up | Kids learn to spar, shadow box and jump rope
  • Adult Cardio and strength training | Open to adults and kids, upon request | Improve physical fitness with cross-training and non-contact boxing
  • Let's Go Box | Open to special needs students |Learn at a slower-pace in a quieter setting
  • Rock Steady Boxing | For people with Parkinson's disease | Work on strength, balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Intermediate MMA | Adults and teens | Work with military and kickboxing trainers to learn basic self-defense

We also have open gym hours for recreational boxers and serious contenders. Sign up for training when you contact us today.