Boxing Training for Athletes of All Skill Levels

Improve your skills at a dedicated boxing gym

Are you an amateur boxer trying to get better at the sport you love? Are you just looking for a place to learn something new while improving your overall fitness? Don't sweat it. Sweatbox Gym offers a range of boxing classes for students of all backgrounds. Our gym welcomes people of all ages and skill levels for everything from beginner classes to high-intensity workout programs.

Our gym is led by James Porter, a retired professional boxer. James can share nearly 20 years of boxing experience to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our boxing classes.

Never Give Up!

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Choose an option that works for you

At Sweatbox Gym, you can participate in a class that suits your needs and comfort level. We offer a large variety of programs for all kinds of students, such as...

  • Rock Steady Boxing - A training program dedicated to helping people fight back against Parkinson's disease by improving balance and strength.
  • Kids boxing classes - From 3-year-olds to teenagers, we can teach kids the fundamentals of boxing and fitness. We also offer classes for kids with special needs.
  • Cardio boxing classes - Improve your fitness level by going through similar training programs used by professional boxers preparing for a fight.

We also offer advanced classes for experienced boxers striving to become serious contenders in the sport. Sign up for boxing classes by calling 812-232-5595 now.

We teach more than boxing

Fitness isn't just about physical health. Sweatbox Gym believes in helping students develop their mental health too. We're dedicated to teaching perseverance, respect and discipline. See why our motto is "never give up" when you join our welcoming boxing gym. Visit Sweatbox Gym in Terre Haute, IN.