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If you want to learn more about boxing, why not visit a gym run by a professional? The head coach at Sweatbox Gym, James Porter, boxed professionally for nearly 15 years. In his time, he faced several top contenders and even defeated former heavyweight contender Obed Sullivan.

After retiring, James dedicated his time to coaching an amateur boxing team and to sharing his skills and experience with young athletes that have gone on to win the state Golden Gloves tournament each year.

With a lifetime of boxing experience, James has the knowledge and skill to help you reach your goals. Whether you're trying to grow as a competitive boxer or just want to improve your fitness level, you can work with an experienced coach at our gym.

The core tenants of Sweatbox Gym

The core tenants of Sweatbox Gym

Sweatbox Gym is more than just a place to work out. James has a deep passion for both boxing and coaching and aims to help every student improve both as a boxer and as a person. In addition to boxing and fitness, we teach...

  • Dedication - Our motto is "Never Give Up" and we teach students to persevere in the face of any adversity
  • Respect - We teach students of all ages to hold themselves accountable for their actions and respect their fellow boxers and community
  • Discipline - From beginner classes to cardio and strength training, we believe in hard work, even while having fun learning how to box

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